Business Registrations

business-registrationWithout a full time, skilled and knowledgeable company secretary on your team, your organisational bureaucracy requirements can feel overwhelming at times. We understand the requirements of every aspect of corporate governance needed to set up, register and report on your business activities. If you are just starting out, we can advise you on the best vehicle to choose; or if you are more established we can help you to maintain accurate records that comply with all statutory requirements.

Assistance with Business Registrations in Cape Town

JK Accountants provide a range of bookkeeping and secretarial services to companies and individuals including that of business registrations in Cape Town. Without a full time and highly experienced bookkeeper and secretary in your employment, the day to day and occasional organisational business secretarial needs of the company may suffer at times.

Our team of accountants and financial advisors have the necessary experience and skills to take the complex and often tedious tasks from your hands. With a full understanding of the requirements regarding the set-up of corporate governance, business registrations, and reporting of the relevant business activities in Cape Town, we are able to deliver a professional service throughout the year.

Deciding on the best business entity is important in the start-up phase as such will have a direct affect on the stakeholder shares, tax and corporate liability. We can provide you with advice regarding the best option for your particular business goals and should your business already be well established, we can assist in accurate reporting to ensure that such meets all statutory requirements.

Our range of tax, trust and business registration services include the following essential areas:

  • Accounting officer task management
  • Submission of annual returns to CIPRO
  • Registration of new companies
  • Deregistration of Close Corporations and companies
  • Registration for VAT
  • Conversion of Close Corporations to new company format
  • Workmen’s Compensation registration
  • Submission of Workmen’s Compensation returns
  • Employer registration at Department of Labour
  • Amendments and essential addition to statutory information

Management Accounting

As experienced accountants we know how important financial planning is to ensure optimal business health. Furthermore, we understand the importance of accurate reporting to ensure that you will have the information at hand to make far reaching business decisions. As such our management accounting services form an extension of the business registration services in Cape Town.

Once you have setup the business or have acquired a new one, you need to ensure that the books are kept up to date. We provide a monthly summary of the financial health of your company, allowing for in-depth analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the business operational structures. This will free up your time and allow you to focus on key points of growth. With accurate information at hand you will be able to make sound business decisions.

Our reports include that of:

  • Comparative cash flow statement with the year before
  • Monthly management account reports
  • Cash flow forecasts and budgeting
  • Cash flow needs assessment and cost cutting recommendations

In addition to the above we provide assistance with the drawing up of business plans for finance and also do business valuations.

Tax Services

Tax forms an integral part of business management and also when it comes to the initial setup and registration of the business. Our Cape Town based services include that of:

  • VAT registration and submission
  • Income and provisional tax registration
  • Provisional tax returns
  • Tax planning guidance
  • Compliance with monthly employee tax and statutory requirements
  • Following up with SARS regarding queries

Other essential business accounting services include that of:

  • Payroll Services
  • Trust planning and registration
  • Individual tax services
  • Financial planning
  • Auditing and review
  • Monthly accounting

Outsource all your accounting, tax and registration needs to our professional team, leaving you with more resources and time to focus on business