Frequently Asked Questions

How can JK Accountants help me if my business or myself owes SARS money?

Our tax department has an incredible successful track record in considerably reducing our client’s debts owing to SARS both locally and throughout South Africa.

What makes JK Accountants different to my current accountant that I have?

JK Accountants are financial and tax accountants that make them different to your accountant and what guarantee do you have as a business owner that when SARS comes around that your affairs are in order.

I am not an accountant, I am good at what I do and don’t have the time to handle the admin?

All our clients would hand over there records to us and we would handle the rest by keeping their books up to date, providing their employees with pay slips and ensuring that they are tax cleared with SARS and most important ensuring that our clients businesses are heading in the right direction of being successful.

How can JK Accountants help me save on my current “PAYE” payments paid over monthly to SARS in 2014?

We can show you with the latest legislative changes on how to reduce your business “PAYE” monthly payments by hundreds or thousands to SARS as we have assisted many businesses in doing so.

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